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.8mb to put all in ~/ thanks DeaCon i wouldn't do it thanks DeaconX put it in ~/ make a backup of the file first thanks for the help! I will, thanks! but do take my advice, dont be a fool he was asking if he should backup his home folder when he can be expected to get a bricked device that's why i said the best way to go is to use the way that i described and be in a place to make a backup and the best place for backups is on a backup drive that you've made k DeaconX, did you get a message to your email or something? rfleming: no hmmm rfleming: i just said that i needed to reboot oh. OK, good idea rfleming: think what you want, i'm going to go to bed ok why ubuntu fonts does not match with xfce? it makes my eyes hurt to see it hello Hiyas all hi all, question - when I switch to a vt (with ctrl-alt-f[1-6]), and then back to X (with ctrl-alt-f7), my screen loses color, and I have to relogin to get it back. What's the cause of this? I also tryed with ctrl-alt-f7 and it works but that's like 3 reboots a day what should I do? michal_, check the driver you're using in system settings/displays where do I do that?




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Wic Reset With Keygen Free 38

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